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Sales Performance Management Solutions for Your Business

Intangent specializes in incentive compensation management, territory management, quota planning, and sales forecasting services tailored to the unique needs of your business. Learn more about Intangent's experience and capabilities in your industry:

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Take it from our satisfied clients – we put your needs first.

Marybeth Long

“Intangent training was a great experience. The class was paced perfectly for my learning style, the examples were applicable to my own company and build, and the trainer was competent, informed, and excited about the subject matter. I was able to ask questions about my own build and my own experiences, and Intangent came to the rescue – answering questions, applying them to everyone in the class, and getting me excited to take what I learned back to the office.”

Will Ward

"The Intangent team is fantastic. The individuals we have worked with are very responsive, and always available when we need them. They have quickly made our processes simpler and alleviated month-end pressures. Now that we have the right resources in place we are looking forward to getting more aggressive with some of our more challenging projects, and we are confident the Intangent team will produce outstanding results."

Ashley G. Frazier

"We can't say enough about how focused Intangent was during our intricate build process. We had a very tight timeline for completion with many complex compensation plans. The two-week training program was very thorough and informative. It encompassed impressive materials for future reference and was well structured, the experience was a huge success.”

Michelle Wixson

"Our experience with Intangent is that they are a ROCK STAR team – everyone is extremely helpful and very easy to work with. Any issues that came up were resolved quickly, and the support we received from the individual team members was invaluable."