Incentive Compensation Management

Automating your pay programs will result in higher revenue, lower costs, and greater accuracy.

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Territory and Quota Planning

Don't get lost in information overload. Well-defined territories and enhanced quotas will directly impact your sales performance.

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Sales Forecasting

See your sales performance clearly and completely. Connect sales, customer, and financial info to get a full picture of your pipeline.

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What is Intangent?

We serve the sales organization’s unique technology needs by providing software and services that will put your data to smarter, better use. We make your sales operations decisions easier and better informed, saving you time, money, and giving you a leg up on the competition.

Sell Smarter

Streamline your sales. Automating processes and linking sales goals with business objectives means your whole department runs more smoothly.

Competitive Edge

Make the jump to the front of the pack. From design to launch, our industry-leading solutions are designed to give your sales team a head start.

Sell Better

Don't let avoidable errors cut into your bottom line. Integrating technology into your business improves overall spending accuracy, which saves you money.

We Specialize in Your Field

We understand that no two solutions are alike and yours will require considerations unique to your industry. With this in mind, we'll custom-fit solutions and services designed to address your specific needs. Nothing fits like a tailored solution.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Take it from our satisfied clients – we put your needs first.

Marybeth Long

“Intangent training was a great experience. The class was paced perfectly for my learning style, the examples were applicable to my own company and build, and the trainer was competent, informed, and excited about the subject matter. I was able to ask questions about my own build and my own experiences, and Intangent came to the rescue – answering questions, applying them to everyone in the class, and getting me excited to take what I learned back to the office.”

Will Ward

"The Intangent team is fantastic. The individuals we have worked with are very responsive, and always available when we need them. They have quickly made our processes simpler and alleviated month-end pressures. Now that we have the right resources in place we are looking forward to getting more aggressive with some of our more challenging projects, and we are confident the Intangent team will produce outstanding results."

Ashley G. Frazier

"We can't say enough about how focused Intangent was during our intricate build process. We had a very tight timeline for completion with many complex compensation plans. The two-week training program was very thorough and informative. It encompassed impressive materials for future reference and was well structured, the experience was a huge success.”

Michelle Wixson

"Our experience with Intangent is that they are a ROCK STAR team – everyone is extremely helpful and very easy to work with. Any issues that came up were resolved quickly, and the support we received from the individual team members was invaluable."