Industry Specific Sales Performance Management Solutions

Optimizing sales performance using software solutions requires tight integration between company strategy and sales operations. Learn more about Intangent’s experience in your industry:

Icon for the Financial Services industry

Financial Services

We understand the challenges involved with a highly regulated industry, compliance issues, and balancing client satisfaction with revenue growth. We've got ample experience in addressing all of them. Let us tailor a solution that speaks to your concerns.

Icon for the High Tech industry

High Tech

You don't just need to be on the cutting edge of innovation – you need to stay there. We'll provide you with quick insights and the most accurate, up-to-the-minute data to make sure you always outpace the competition

Icon for the Medical Devices industry

Medical Devices

Manage your multiple lines of business more effectively to keep your margins in good shape. We'll give you the right toolkit to create data-driven strategies that align your company goals to your sales, operations, and customer care departments, diagnose inefficiencies, and more.

Icon for the Business Services industry

Business Services

Stay ahead of the competitor in an increasingly automated world. We'll ensure you can recognize the most profitable opportunities and which services will be most ideal for you and your clients. Let us give you a competitive advantage.

Icon for the Insurance industry


We know your margin for error is essentially non-existent – that's why you need an accurate, transparent, and measurable system. Customer retention relies on a comprehensive solution, and we can help you there.

Icon for the Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail industry

Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail

Use robust forecasting to improve inventory efficiency and keep better track of products and supply chain demands. We can more accurately predict market shifts and emerging markets by leveraging quality data so you never miss a golden opportunity.