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Manage your multiple lines of business more effectively to keep your margins in good shape. We'll give you the right toolkit to create data-driven strategies that align your company goals to your sales, operations, and customer care departments, diagnose inefficiencies, and more.

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Save Money, Save Time

Adopting an SPM technology can reduce processing times by more than 40% and decrease IT/Admin staffing by more than 50%.

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Keep Your Sales Team Sharp

Top performing sales teams are 82% more likely to use assessment/measurement tools to match sales personnel to the most appropriate selling role.

Solutions Fit For Your Industry

Icon for the Incentive Compensation Management solution offered by Intangent

Incentive Compensation Management

Close the knowledge gap. Automate your incentive compensation to cut down on overpayments and errors that come from disorganization. Let us help you manage your complex business channels.

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Territory & Quota Planning

Get the right rep in the right place at the right time. A Territory & Quota solution will help you set better quotas and manage your complex territories more effectively with less hands-on work required on your end.

Icon for the Sales Analytics solution offered by Intangent

Sales Analytics

Improving your analytics capabilities means you know more about where you're at and where you're headed. Stay on top of company objectives and track your progress at the click of a mouse across all of your data sources.

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Sales Forecasting

You need to predict what's ahead as accurately as possible – that's where we come in. Create data-driven forecasts that draw from a constant stream of data from various sources to make the future less scary.

Clients Like You

Jackie Martin

I cannot say enough good things about the Intangent team.  They were both incredibly professional and easy to work with, and their clear experience, project management skills, and product expertise was invaluable in this project.   In addition to the considerable time savings that will be recognized by the Commissions and Sales Operations teams, the transparency and accuracy this project will deliver will benefit our Sales, Compliance, Legal, and Human Resources organizations as well.

Ashley Portz

Biomet recently launched Varicent with our direct sales force. Intangent is a critical business partner that helped us navigate the first year of our launch. They are professional, responsive and helpful. We are thankful to utilize their expertise and have benefited from their support during this exciting time. The tool has revolutionized our internal processes and Intangent has been a wealth of knowledge and resources helping us to accomplish our launch goals.

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