Mar 07, 2017 at 02:00 PM to 02:45 PM (EST)

Avoiding Launch Failure: How to Maximize End User Adoption of SPM Solution Deployments

How can your sales operations team maximize end-user adoption of a new Sales Performance Management deployment?

Successfully launching a new SPM program requires buy-in from your sales force, and prioritizing a positive user experience is crucial to maximizing end-user adoption. Attend this 30-minute webinar if you are considering a new application deployment, a sales program change, or are planning the future of Sales Performance Management at your organization.

We’ll discuss best practices for generating buy-in from your sales force, with insights on how to turn what could be your largest program critic into your biggest SPM advocate by involving them early and often. We'll also reveal three major channels to utilize in this process, and how this will ensure that your deployment is user friendly, widely adopted, and becomes part of the sales team DNA.

Presenting the webinar will be Chris Wales, President of Intangent – a ten year veteran of Sales Performance Management solutions, and Bela Suranyi, Vice President, Services at Intangent.

This is part one of a four-part series evaluating four topics that contribute to less-than-stellar Sales Performance Management solution deployments. The next three topics are:
- Establishing Complete Testing Programs for Successful SPM Deployments
- Creating Solution Training Alignment
- Developing Cohesive Support Models for Deployment Success

Watch the webinar at this link.