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Incentive Compensation Management

Incentive Compensation Management software allows for automation in the administration, calculation, reporting, and analysis of variable-based pay programs. It increases overall accuracy, which reduces costs, and provides a clear, comprehensive picture of sales commission and sales compensation plans.

incentive compensation management 90 percent

Reduce Your Sales Commission Overpayments

Businesses can reduce their overpayment in sales commissions by more than 90% by using incentive compensation management software in place of Excel.

incentive compensation management 49 percent

Kick Spreadsheets to the Curb

49% of sales organizations say that relying on spreadsheets makes it difficult for sales professionals to manage efficiently.

incentive compensation management 89 percent

Align the Workforce with Business Strategy

89% of sales organizations indicated aligning the workforce to business strategy and goals was rated most highly among organizational benefits of deploying compensation management.

Create Alignment

Ensure your sales team is selling the most strategic, profitable products and solutions it can. Pass the rewards from achieving objectives that are in sync with corporate goals on to the entire organization.

Foster Trust & Transparency with Your Sales Team

Accurate, information-dense, real-time reporting allows reps to sell instead of questioning incentive payments. Reducing shadow accounting saves time, and rep-level "what if" payments let you discover greater insight into potential earnings.

Reduce Incentive Administration Overhead

Get more without doing more. Stop burning the midnight oil on Excel. Administrative tasks don't have to get in the way of analytics.

Support Data-Driven Selling

Learn more about your sales team, customers, and products by leveraging precise data, automated processing, and a practical analytics tool belt. Reliably predict and track your sales growth with data-driven selling.

Partnering with the Best

Intangent deploys incentive compensation solutions with its best-in-class partners Anaplan, beqom, SAP Sales Cloud, Varicent and Xactly.

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