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Sales Forecasting

Predict the future better. Create accurate, dynamic, and data-driven sales forecasts using practical insights provided by constant streams of data from Salesforce and other systems.

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Boost Your Confidence

More than half of organizations report that they are only somewhat confident (44%) or not confident (11%) in the information generate by their sales forecasts. We can help.

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Get the Data You Need

84% of business leaders surveyed state that “lack of resources” is their main barrier to sales forecast satisfaction.

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Boost Your Win Rate

Companies with strong sales support capabilities consistently achieve win rates of 40–50% in new business.

Drive Pipeline Velocity

Find opportunities you couldn't see before, and set yourself up to capitalize. Increasing account and product level visibility lets sales leadership and product line owners track sales across SKUs, ensuring you hit your targets while protecting your margins.

Eliminate Surprises

Take the guesswork out of forecasting. Get better insight into your best, worst, and base scenarios in real-time with synchronous dashboards based on complete pipeline info.

Improve Sales Rep Productivity

Be certain about your decisions. Combining analytics with real-time CRM data makes for data-driven decisions you can count on. Ditch subjectivity and biases and boost your sales team's confidence.

Partnering with the Best

Intangent deploys sales forecasting solutions with its best-in-class partners Anaplan, SAP Sales Cloud, and Xactly.

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